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square-ELHealing from sexual assault and other traumas can take a long time. Memories, beliefs, distortions all seem to have their own timetable, coming forward into consciousness at often unexpected times, sometimes months and years apart.

FORGE understands this process, and how it can be complicated by transgender or non-binary gender identity or history. We’ve designed this blog to support both direct survivors and secondary survivors (loved ones and supporters of those who were assaulted) throughout the healing process, no matter where it leads or how long it takes.

You will find that the blog covers various realms of survivors’ experience. Some posts are practical tools for coping with post-trauma feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Some posts are about developing life-enhancing practices that may help readers create more fulfilling lives. Some posts are reviews of resources for survivors who are looking to delve more deeply and explore the impact of trauma/sexual assault on their lives.  Some posts are for inspiration for the times when it’s hard to keep going. And some entries are totally for fun, to bring a needed smile to everyone’s face!

Most posts are written by FORGE staff, but we welcome submissions from readers! Email us at AskFORGE@forge-forward.org