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Pride festivals, parades, and parties can be incredible, glittery, and empowering. They can also be exhausting or overwhelming. Pride events are not for everyone and that’s okay. It’s okay to have a quiet Pride. It’s okay not to be out during Pride. It’s okay to avoid crowds. It’s okay to stay home sick or tired or sad. It’s okay to live somewhere that doesn’t have Pride or has Pride in April or October. Here are 30 ways to celebrate Pride outside of pride events – one for every day of June!

  1. Dance to a queer or trans playlist
  2. Check out LGBTQ+ books from the library or a bookstore
  3. Do something that brings you joy
  4. Paint your toenails to match a flag that you relate to
  5. Tell a friend you care about them
  6. Sign a petition to support trans rights
  7. Tell yourself that you love yourself
  8. Search #transpride and like a bunch of posts
  9. Find a virtual Pride event or celebration
  10. Draw in chalk on the sidewalk
  11. Keep existing
  12. Write down three things that make you proud to be you
  13. Support a trans or LGBTQ+ owned business or artist
  14. Hold a trans movie marathon
  15. Color in LGBTQ+ themed coloring pages
  16. Donate or volunteer for a trans or LGBTQ+ or survivor-centered organization
  17. Wear your favorite outfit, even if you don’t go anywhere
  18. Laugh
  19. Attend a virtual (or in-person where available) panel, documentary screening, or other learning opportunity
  20. Make pride themed cookies – in rainbow, unicorn, narwhal shapes or decorated the colors of trans or nonbinary flags
  21. Spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself (virtually or in-person)
  22. Make glittery art
  23. Watch videos or pictures of Pride Parades
  24. Read about Stonewall and the Compton Riots
  25. Draw a picture of what Pride means to you
  26. Send a postcard of support to someone having a tough time
  27. Sing your favorite song as loud as you can
  28. Give or get a hug (consensually)
  29. Hold a rainbow potluck – with food from each color of the rainbow (or pick the colors of a specific pride flag instead)
  30. Be yourself